Common Construction Problems & Their Solutions

Laticrete 315 Tile Adhesive Cement 20 Kg


  1. Damp/Wet Walls
  2. Leakages in Buildings
  3. Cracks on Walls
Effects of water on concrete
  • Reduced concrete strength
  • Segregation of concrete mix
  • Development of crack on concrete
  • Dusting and scaling
  • Leads to leakages
  • Demolition and concrete repair cost


When do we do waterproofing
  • Foundation Stage
  • Casting Stage
  • Finishing Stage
Where is waterproofing done
  • Swimming pools
  • Flat-roofs
  • Bathrooms
  • Water tanks
  • Sewerage areas
  • Spas and jacuzzi
  • Water Fountains

Product to use

Laticrete 9235 Waterproofing Membrane

Features & Benefits

  • Safe — no solvents and non-flammable
  • Interior and exterior use
  • Vertical and horizontal surfaces (including ceilings)
  • Thin—only 0.02″ (0.5 mm) thick when cured
  • Anti-fracture protection of up to 1/8″ (3 mm) over shrinkage and other non-structural cracks
  • “Extra Heavy Service” rating per TCNA performance levels (RE: ASTM C627 Robinson Floor Test).
  • IAPMO and ICC Approval
  • Applies quickly with a paint brush or roller—no special mixing or application equipment needed
  • Fast cure—normally ready in hours for finishes
  • Install tile, brick and stone directly onto membrane
  • Certified Children and Schools by The GREENGUARD Environmental Institute
  • Easy cleanup—just use water while fresh
  • Protects concrete & reinforcing steel from corrosion

Surface Preparation

Make sure the surface is clean from dust, oil and paint

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