PE Damp Proof Membrane 1.2 Meter by 50 Meters Virgin Material

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PE Damp Proof Membrane 1.2 Meter by 50 Meters Virgin Material

    Comprises of 100 % closed cell low density polyethylene foam laminated with high-density polyethylene film.
    Liner is designed to provide an easy to use moisture resistant membrane for use in concrete flooring.
    The Liner is applied above or below a ground floor slab to stop ground
    moisture reaching the upper surface of the floor. This product is used under a
    floating floor as well as under a screed.
    This combination is also resistant to mould, mildew, fungus and chemicals normally found in soil.
    It not only has high compressive strength and a long life expectancy, it is extremely flexible and has an elongation break of over 40%
    therefore they are able to deal with structural movement thus providing a long lasting damp proofing solution.
  • Key Benefits

    • Moisture barrier
    • Durable
    • Easy to handle
    • Resistant to puncture
    • Chemically stable


    • It is designed as a low cost, easy to install solution to water storage, dams, porous soil or possible water table contamination.
    • For basements- it is applied in between the protected wall and a false wall of which the backfill is in contact.
    • For retaining structures- it is placed between the wall and the backfill.
    • It is however advised that soft sand is in contact with liner to avoid puncturing.
    • Waterways- The liner is placed at the bottom of the waterway while the cementitious layer covers and protects the liner.