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Crown permaplast

Best paint for protecting exterior walls exposed to weather which offers 5-6 years life expectancy and natural colours.

Crown polyfilla all purpose

Polyfilla can be used as plaster texture paint. It can be used as a filler/adhesive for fixing mineral fibre acoustic tiles to ceilings and spot fixing plaster board panels to walls. Mixed with mineral wool, Polyfilla can be used for pipe lagging in awkward places. It is also ideal for repairing plaster ceilings mouldings. Polyfilla is an excellent modeling material, suitable for use by artists and sculptors and is widely used in schools and art colleges etc.

Crown road line paint

A matt, durable, hardwearing finish designed for use for traffic lines and sign markings on general road surfaces and parking spaces. A reflective finish can be achieved, if required, by sprinkling Ballotini beads on to the wet paint film or by thoroughly dispersing Ballotini in the paint prior to application.

Crown silk vinyl emulsion 4ltrs

Offers good stain protection with vibrant colours which last for years, and also provide a silk-like finish with sheen on walls.