Stone coated steel roofing tile Roman Profile


Stone coated steel roofing tile Roman Profile

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Stone coated steel roofing tile Roman Profile. A 5-tile roof panel to create the authentic look of the Mediterranean.

Roman Profile is designed to create the authentic look of the Mediterranean, with the additional benefits of steel roofing.

Roman is a five tile, stone-coated panel pressed from a high grade of Aluzinc coated steel and is available in a wide selection of colours to enhance any exterior colour scheme.
Roman is a five tile panels can be interlocked either right over left or left over right with the side laps of one small corrugation. The panels are placed onto battens spacing 368 mm.
The down-turned front edge and the upturned rear edge of each tile provides a strong, weatherproof, overlapping and interlocking roof covering.
Each panel is secured by 4 nails in the front-down-turned edge into the side of the batten, positioned out of the water course.


  • Minimum Pitch: 10°
  • Minimum Pitch: 90°
  • Size of tile – overall: 1320 x 420 mm (+- 5mm)
  • Size of tile – cover: 1260 x 370 mm
  • Thickness of steel: 0.40 mm
  • Linear Cover Width: 1265 mm
  • Coverage: 0.468 square meters ( 2.137 tiles per square meter)
  • Weight per tile: 3.00Kg

Minimum Order 50 Pieces

Additional information

Weight60 kg
Dimensions1265 × 420 mm


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