Liquid Wallpaper 500 Grams

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Liquid Wallpaper 500 Grams

  • Can be applied on any wall (cement, rough cast, wood, iron sheet) or ceiling type. If you have not yet plastered your house, you can apply it and get the perfect finish and save on all the major plastering costs!
  • Is an odourless (does not smell) and is completely natural product made of natural cotton and silk fibres.
  • Does not stick to hands or clothes during application.
  • Is an environmentally friendly, natural plaster, has an A+ ranking in France and has received the best results around Europe.
  • It is also hypoallergenic (people who are allergic to many compounds have not shown allergies around this paint).
  • Sound reduction: capable of reducing the level of extraneous noise by 10-15%
  • It doesn’t change colour and structure during covering and transporting either
  • Forms a uniform covering without nasty seams.
  • Doesn’t bubble and peel away with changes of temperature and humidity.
  • Doesn’t burst with shrinkage of the house.
  • It is fireproof.

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