Fontarc Welding Rods 3.25mm 5Kgs


Fontarc Welding Rods 3.25mm

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Medium – coated RUTILE Electrodes for general purpose mild steel welding. It can be used in all positions and is therefore popular in down-hand applications. Slag is self releasing in most cases. Its fillet-weld appearances in flat and of excellent quality with minimum spatter.


AWS A5.1:E6013
EN 499:E42ARC

Typical mechanical properties

Tensile strength  500-640N/mm

Yield Stress:  Greater than420N/mm

Elongation(L=5d):  Greater than 20%

Impact energy @20 : Greater than 60J

Recovery: approx.95%

Welding Positions: f,h,hv,o,vu,vd


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