Crown super gloss 4 Litre

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Crown Paints

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About Crown Paints

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Description & Uses
Crown Super Gloss is a superior quality protective finish producing a deep gloss finish on properly prepared surfaces. Suitable for use on wood, metal, plaster, wallboards, brickwork and stonework etc., over the appropriate primer and undercoat. Crown Super Gloss is formulated to offer maximum durability in extreme tropical coastal weather conditions.

Manufactured from the highest quality pigments and alkyd resin.

Unique formulation offering excellent opacity and durability, inhibiting early chalking. Excellent flexibility to withstand tropical weather conditions. Easy to apply. Wide colour range.

Full gloss.

Brush, roller or spray.

Interior and exterior use.

Supplied ready for use for brushing and rolling but for spray application, thin to the required viscosity with Crown White Spirit. Avoid overthinning. Stir well before use.

Drying Times
Surface dry: 4 hours. Through dry & re-coatable after 16 hours.

Spreading Capacity
13–15 m2/l when applied over Crown Undercoat on a smooth surface.

Equipment Cleaner
Crown White Spirit.

Colour Range
Available in the full BS 4800 colour range plus additional Crown house colours, Ambiance and other colour charts available on the Crown Tinting system.

Pack Sizes
½ litre, 1 litre, 4 litres and 20 litres.

From Crown Depots and through Crown Stockists.

New Work for maximum protection, interior and exterior: Prepare surface (refer appropriate surface preparation Data Sheet). Apply 1 coat appropriate Primer. Apply1 coat Crown Undercoat. Apply 2 coats Crown Super Gloss.

1. When applying gloss on gloss the 1st coat should be lightly abraded with fine sandpaper to guarantee good inter-coat adhesion.

• Minimum Specification Work for Medium and Low Cost Projects: Prepare surface (refer appropriate surface preparation Data Sheet). Apply 1 coat (appropriate) Primer. Apply 1 coat Crown Undercoat. Apply 1 coat Crown Super Gloss.

• Previously Painted Surfaces in Sound Condition: Prepare surface. Apply 1 coat Crown Undercoat (Where necessary only). Apply 1 coat Crown Super Gloss.

• Previously Painted Surfaces in unsound Condition:
Remove all old loose, flaking and wrinkled oil paint using paint scrapers/sandpaper or by blow torch, paint and varnish remover or mechanical means, down to the original surface where necessary. Patch prime (bare metal, wood plaster surfaces) with appropriate primer. Apply 1 coat Crown Undercoat. Apply 2 coats Crown Super Gloss.

2. When using White or a pale shade of Undercoat and finishing coats over a dark primer or a dark previously painted surface, the application of a second coat of undercoat may be required.

3. Stop up cracks, nail holes and other surface imperfections with linseed oil, Putty or appropriate filler, after priming or before undercoating.

4. Allow 16 hours drying time and lightly rub down and dust off between coats.

5. When repainting sound gloss painted surface with a similar shade, the application of one good coat of Crown Gloss is frequently sufficient.