Burglar Proof Doors

Imagine a door stronger that the walls surrounding it, a door so magnificent your guest will talk about it long after the house opening, so secure any thief will reconsider his chosen profession. Introducing the steel reinforced burglar proof door.

Because ordinary door frames tend to be pretty wimpy, they are reinforced with metal strips which make it  harder to kick in and the new style reinforced hinges which are held fast with concrete to the wall of the house.

The burglar proof door has a Six Point Locking System which proves impervious to picking and lock-bumping resulting in a far much secure door.

Additionally, these doors can be painted to coordinate with any home color schemes. and  come in a wide variety of panel designs that closely replicate the appearance of a high-end smooth wood door with the ultimate in security.

Bottom line: All exterior doors need to be solid and kick-proof. … Reinforced steel doors are your sturdiest option.

In Nairobi Kenya you can get them online at https://www.advancedbuilders.co.ke/product-category/doors/

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